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IN THE THICK OF IT: A Woven Space by Laura Ellen Bacon

12 October 2012 - 6 January 2013 • The Gallery, Winchester Discovery Centre

Richard Tailby

Nationally renowned artist Laura Ellen Bacon’s woven structures are rugged yet supple, monumental yet intimate, frenzied yet calm. They emerge from a heaving desire or compulsion to work the materials into a formed space of some kind, a ‘language’ of materials and form.

This October, she will be constructing a huge internal installation – a space within a space – from immense swathes of branches and willow. In the stillness of the softly lit gallery, the line, scale and aroma of the artwork will be exaggerated, allowing the physical presence and ‘language’ of the artwork to be spoken intimately.

This woven space will subtly change as the structure nestles into its environment, allowing the eye to seek out the detail and inspiring a nesting instinct in us all.