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Alex McErlain and Alice Kettl

Alex McErlain and Alice Kettle. Photo: Joe Low

MAKING STORIES is a distinct, yet crucial, part of a larger project entitled MAKING IT. Making Stories will be the permanent legacy of Making It: the mechanism by which fascinating and revealing information concerning the centrality of making in our lives is disseminated to a wider audience.

Making Stories incorporates some of the voices and discourse that have taken place during this Making It project and draws in other makers and thoughts. Conversations between makers, thinkers, writers, oral historians, craft professionals and academics who will be discussing the manner and language of making, “the how and what and why” will all be recorded and enter the archive.

The material will be presented as a set of stories which link with each other and reveal where, and to what extent, there is a dialogue between makers. The voice of one maker may interrupt the voice of another, contribute to a thought or an idea, or reflect back within their own story to a similar theme or place of work. The stories could also be presented as a linear form - as a journey where one voice leads onto the next in the manner of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales.

Commissioned interviews will provide concrete and anecdotal evidence which articulate the maker and object relationship, the creative impulse and reveal problem solving and the making process.

An IBOOK will be produced and funding is being sought to develop this into a hard copy volume.